This is the talk on Adorno that I gave recently at Harvard (wonderful conference; see poster here). Any comments (by email) very welcome. The plan is to expand it into a proper paper.

What did the Missa Solemnis mean to Adorno?

Nietzsche: ‘The Lightning Fire’

From the New York Review of Books

Nietzsche: ‘The Lightning Fire’

“Nietzsche does not belong entirely to philosophers. He was a philosopher-poet concerned not simply with describing and explaining the world as he found it, but with identifying and employing the electrifying arts that make the world appear uncanny and ineffably deep.”

The ‘Last Man’ Problem: Nietzsche and Weber on Political Attitudes to Suffering.

Brian Leiter discusses “The ‘Last Man’ Problem:  Nietzsche and Weber on Political Attitudes to Suffering.”

Read the paper here: ShawLast Man 2-1.0